Gilthill Primary School

Gilthill Primary School was part of a small group of schools to pilot the NAPTA Workforce Development Programme in Nottinghamshire. Completing the audit consisted of answering a series of job-related questions; this has had a positive impact on all the support staff. The school and individual reports have helped the staff to identify areas of strength and those that need developing.

As a direct result of the NAPTA reporting, we were offered fully-funded training for specific areas (which were highlighted within the report) for Skills for Life and NVQ qualifications.

Training has taken place within the school. Study time has been shared between school timetable sessions and twilight sessions after school. Studying within the workplace has been very successful, as learning within a known environment has had a direct and positive impact. It also helps the wider environment by cutting down on travel time, expenses and fuel emissions!

The training gained will improve career prospects and experience; it will also have a wider impact on the children’s learning.

June Dearman, Lead TA, CPD Leader and Nottinghamshire County Council Steering Group member, Gilthill Primary School, Nottingham

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