Waverley School

As CPD Coordinator at a school with more than 70 support staff, performance management is a huge undertaking. However, with NAPTA, the whole process has been made so much easier. Staff can access NAPTA’s professional development surveys quickly and easily, and the reports that are produced give clarity to all stakeholders. Progress against targets can be monitored year-on-year too.

Line managers and staff find the review process very straightforward, as targets for staff can be easily identified and the relevant training and support can be put in place. The accompanying resources have proved invaluably supportive too. In addition, any queries are answered swiftly and helpfully by the NAPTA staff.

I would unreservedly recommend this programme to anyone responsible for CPD for support staff in schools at all levels.

Ian Healey, Assistant Headteacher (Professional Learning Communities), Waverley School, Birmingham

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