Westbury School

Our school joined NAPTA in 2008 following recommendations from colleagues within the city who were already members.

We are currently expanding our school and have therefore also increased the size of our support staff team.

We have found the online Professional Development Review process incredibly valuable, both for providing individual teaching assistants with a clear understanding of their competencies and for highlighting areas of whole-team and individual training and development needs.

The detailed staff reports have enabled us to offer a much more targeted and effective professional development review process across our support staff team and has prompted teaching assistant colleagues to seek development opportunities, eg NVQ Level 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning courses. During the forthcoming academic year, we hope to deliver whole-team training that is specific to the areas raised by the profiling system and will use the excellent developmental materials provided by NAPTA to facilitate this.

The resources provided by NAPTA are vast and, in addition to the benefits and positive impact the programme has had within our school, I have also found the NAPTA staff team incredibly supportive. On all the occasions that I have needed to contact the team, they have been able to provide me with instant and clear assistance.

Sharon Wilkins, Senior LSA, Westbury School, Nottingham

NAPTA, 1-2 Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge CB2 8BB — tel 01223 224930 — email