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The Workforce Development Programme is available on a subscription basis and all the tools are accessed online.
It costs from just 75+VAT
per year.

To subscribe, or for further information, call us on
01223 224930 or email info@napta.org.uk

Professional Development Review

The Professional Development Review (PDR) offers teaching and learning support staff a quick, easy and valuable insight into their own capabilities, as well as indicating appropriate routes for professional advancement.

The Professional Development Review consists of a simple online questionnaire which teaching and learning support staff complete. The information from the questionnaire is then automatically generated into detailed reports. These set
out the perceived capabilities of staff, compared with a number of key professional standards.

Individual reports are produced for each respondent. These highlight the respondent’s strengths and key areas for development – enabling inclusive staff reviews – and map to a range of training opportunities.

Detailed school reports identify key issues, highlight whole school needs and contribute to school self-evaluation and the school development plan. Armed with this information, the school is much better placed to utilise and develop their staff, thus enhancing learning, raising standards and increasing professional satisfaction.

To download PDF sample reports, click on the links below. (These files may take some time to download.)

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