Welcome to NAPTA

The National Association of Professional Teaching Assistants (NAPTA) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Anspear to offer the Teaching Assistant Development Programme (TADP).

NAPTA is an organisation that has worked with thousands of schools and other education settings across the UK to help realise the potential of teaching assistants. It provides a range of specialist services, including resources and support for performance management and CPD, to help individuals develop in supporting learning and to deliver whole-school improvement.

NAPTA offers a range of benefits designed to make a significant contribution to:

  • teaching assistant development
  • preparation for inspection
  • improving teaching quality and outcomes
  • saving time for middle and senior leaders.

In response to requests from around the world, NAPTA has significantly extended its reach through the launch of the Association of International School Teaching Assistants (AISTA) in 2020. AISTA's mission is the same as NAPTA's, but its activities focus on supporting international schools and their staff outside the UK.

NAPTA, 1-2 Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge CB2 8BB — tel 01223 224930 — email