Development Resources

NAPTA provides a number of carefully compiled resources, designed to help schools meet the needs highlighted in the detailed reports, addressing individual development needs, offering institutional guidance, and acting as sources of reference or self-study. The material is provided in convenient digital formats online, accessible using standard Web browsers.

Meeting Individual Needs

This section provides detailed, structured, prepared resources, closely mapped to the National Occupational Standards for Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools, to be used in brief, efficient group training sessions. The contents of each session are designed to be supportive enough to enable effective internal delivery by a team leader.

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Institutional Guidance

Most schools struggle to implement all the mandatory management processes that are now expected in the context of single status for all support staff. The following resources are offered to make implementation much easier.

This resource provides a wealth of materials to help support staff plan, structure and take forward their own professional development, as well as detailed, practical guidance for those managing them. Schools may find that the principles outlined can be applied more broadly.

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Guidance for support staff and managers on a range of issues relating to progression and professional development, including appraisal, mentoring and working with teachers.

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Reference material for all staff on a wide range of needs that children have, including medical, social, cultural and developmental issues.

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Practical help for teaching assistants on how to assess pupils’ work and give feedback.

Teaching and learning support staff (who work in the classroom) may be observed in their role as part of the performance management process, or for professional development. A sample classroom observation form, which can be adapted for use in your school, is provided.

Links to a selection of online films relating to issues that affect school support staff.

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